Q: I need a minor / major project in .....subject how do I proceed?

A: For any project selection ask the following quesions your self:

  • What is the Technology I prefer to do: Embedded (PC interfaced or Microcontroller based) or non embedded digital. 
  • What is my / our groups combine Budget? 
  • What is my / our groups personal choice related to specific subject? 
  • How I can get synopsis for any selected project? Shall I get the study material to make report?

Q: I need an exclusive project outside from this list.

Facts: All projects normally done by students are from the list available with us. It may 
vary with the different name or combinations of two or three proposed modules. So it is always better to get more choices by putting more and more modules in your selecting topic. You may check from the ‘more’ option given at the selection of project under proposed modules section.


Q: what all will be included in my project?

A: We will provide the related matter with the project, no ready to submit material will be given. Students are advised to make this at their own end.


Q: will you provide report with software projects?

A:  we will not provide any report with software projects.




Q: How many days it will take to get my project after placing an order?


A: Normally we take only 2-3 days to dispatch the material, but if the project is big, it may up to 7 days to dispatch the product. For further assistance you can confirm on mail by giving your order ID no.


 Q  I am unable to place the order with my card, what should I do?

A: In case, your debit/credit card isn't working we can take your order over phone or mail. These orders will be dispatched once we receive the full payment by cash transfer, cheque clearance.


Q: can I confirm the order over the phone?

A: No we do not take orders over the phone without advance. It is possible to check the availability of the product over phone and visit the same day.


Q; can I cancel my order?

A: Cancellation can be done within 24hr of the order placed.


Q:  Can I have the synopsis of the project well In advance?

A: yes we can! We provide up to 2-3 synopsis for a minor or major project for the given price that would be adjusted in your final payment.




Q- How will my order be delivered to me?

A: Your order would be delivered through reputed courier companies at your doorstep and the docket no. would be shared over mail.


Q: How do I check the status of my project?

A: We will send the SMS and mails for the status of project as: Project Completed, Project Delivered. With the details of DTDC docket no. to track your parcel.